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Believe In Urself,..Have Faith,..

Believe In Urself,..Have Faith,..
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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Better late then never, heheh...

So! at long last i've created my own blog the way i want to say things out but cud not (who wants to listen to me in person anyway..heheh.. Well, honestly speaking i am not sure whether i wud continue blogging after today, hahahaha..it all depends on ideas to put it into words as i'm not a gud writer, heheh. But i'll try my best, yes sir i will.. I was tinkin'(thinking) what to spill out first, my life or the world according to my tots'(thoughts) Everyone and i mean everybody has their own mind and way of tinkin' about demself(themself) and others. But who can perceived and noe(know) wats(whats) on their mind and wat deya(they are) tinkin'. Well sound like i'm just rambling out wat's on my mind but heck, dat's y(why) i create a blog coz i can just put my tots here for my own personal interest, heheh.. of coz the sheer tot of being able to control any comments to be posted is in my/our hand(bloggers) and i'm the kind of guy who duzen(doesn't) like to swore(really??) and use foul four letter words( i do it in private looking at d mirror,heheh) in comments or articles on blogs.. Duh! D(the) website is acessible by kids of 6yrs nowadays and how many parents have installed parental protection of their computer?? Tst..tst..tst... I noe ur(you are) incognitus on the webs but dera(there are) means and ways to trace the pretender by the authority and if dey(they) feel ur a threat then u'll be under treat,(d gedeboom gedebaam, keboom kebaam dat greet u)heheh...wat to say...but if ur honest and speak d truth(+ sum luck,heheh) u'll be alrite... God bless me and you..

Just anothr(another) tot, i wonder wat is on Tun M's mind,.. wat is his next move, his next game plan.. heheh.. bet a lot of ppl(people) Malaysian in particular and the whole world in general is waiting on Tun's next move and the statements he made will be his weapon,i.e. a tot for tot, heheh.. in simple term he will tell u a story and make u tink of the logics to his saying and dat of coz(course) will ramble our mind, i dun noe bout others but it sure dus(does) ramble mine mind,heheh...(",) As for Bro(brother) Anwar, i dun noe wats on his mind coz he is a really unpredictable guy to me, heheh.. a master of disguise, a wolf in sheep clothing, but wat scares me most is 'is he a devil in disguise' To a lot of ppl Bro Anwar is a gud politician(a bad guy 2 me,heheh), i wud rate him third best(as a politician) in Malaysia with Tun M as of coz d best 'No 1' statesmen in Malaysia of all time and d second 'No 2' an unlikely candidate by most ppl as being Bro Husam Musa as the second best. I've been observing Bro Husam's way of politics and man! has he got visions... yeah..he is a visionary like Tun and he can lead a country better than Bro Anwar or anyone else for that matter beside Tun M(and Ku Li of coz), heheh.. dun believe me? well..well.. wat can i say, heheh...(",)

Hmmm, gess i've been rambling out nonsense here, heheh..well, dat's my rite as this is my blog, kinda like a diary belonging to a person who is non the care less person who left his diary everywhere and dun give a heck wat ppl tot of his writing or tots, heheh... if u dun like wat u read then for God's sake and your sake(if u dun wun(want) ur intelligent to feel challenged) then leave this blog and i'm offering u a free apology i.e i'm sorry u dun like wat i blog here,heheh.. i dun meant to insult anyone and i meant anyone including Bro Anwar and his ilks, but i cant stop my fingers frm(from) putting my tots on MY BLOG, heheh..so if i hurt anyone's feeling then again, i'm sorry u guys/gals feel dat way but no, i'm not gonna be apologetic and apologize to anyone(unless i noe i made a mistake,heheh) ohh my! how time flies and i tot i'd just write sumting short here for a beginners and first timer's blog, heheh...dis is gr8(great)..wooowiiieee... i'm a blogger.. i hope i am, heheh...

i'll continue on my rambling and mumbling on the political scenario later...dun noe wen but hopefully soon... till then 'TIME WILL TELL'

bro brotherhood

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