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Believe In Urself,..Have Faith,..

Believe In Urself,..Have Faith,..
Wat Else Can I Say...(,")

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

On second tot, shud not have started, heheh..

Duh!! if only i'm gud at writing, heheh..a pathetic tot of a loser. There again i cud learn or i cud just be proud of my own way of writing, tis not for me to noe but i gess Time Will Tell as usual. If i ever decide to promote/advertise my blogs den dat will be d time when ppl will start to comments. Thr'll be negative comments and positive comments and some r way of line dat is d abusive comments frm people who wants to show dey r better than most people...heheh..wat can i say..(",)

Well, jst to share wth the Netizens about my personal happenings in my life. Sad day it was for me as my beloved granny was taken to hospital due to a mild stroke wch rendered her speechless... Duh how sad it woz seeing her attempt at speaking wch came out beeebboommm..bbeeebbuumm.. i shed tears in silence and i pitied her. I wish i cud do more to help her as she woz angry at herself for not being able to communicate...a loud aurghhhh woz all dat came out as she tried to yell out of frustration as i can't undrstn her.. den i saw tears dwelling at the corner of her eyes... wat can i say as dat is d will of God.. She's (my granny) more than 96 years old now as thr is sum(some) confusion on her age as the ic date mite be wrong.. neway, i hope she is strong and cud fight bac to regain her voice as the docs says it mite jst b temporary or considering her age it cud be worse. I hope Allah will have mercy on my granny and bless her speech bac so as it will not make her suffer mentaly.. But i noe i have to be strong meself and not cause my granny to see shedding tears as it will put her spirit down and cause her to be depress still... hrmmm.. dats d facts of life, d ups & downs, ebbs & flows in our life. The plain Facts Of Life... u can't get everyting in ur life, u win some and u lose some. One day we are happy and then one day its time to be sad... Deh will be a time wen we have to say gud bye to our frens and relative.. its sad to realize dat certain tings in ur live is coming to an end, but to compliment the sad tings thr is also d beginning of a new happening in my life, wat can i say, heheh...(",)

As fer my granny i'll be by her side again 2moro morning, insyaallah with Gods blessings.. i'm feeling drowsy rite now due to lacks of sleep.. 3 hrs of sleep for 2 days is taking up toll as i've also been standing most of the time wen i woz wth granny,holding her frail hands.. i gess i need to ask my uncle wat year he woz born as my granny says her age woz 15yrs ol wen she gave birth to my uncle.. Dose days the malays got hitch young due to d close relationship of frenships among d malays, heheh... thr r even match makers wch consists of the mak chik-mak chik trying to chaperoned a marriage of deir frens doter..jst imagine dat kinda situation to among certain kampongs. Dats part of wat i learn frm my granny, heheh...wat can i say...(".)

Jst fer tot, its not easy getting proper attention for ur loved one wen health is of concern.. wat i meant is u really need to show dis ppl dat u have money to pay fer the better if not the best treatment for ur loved one. In the end i realized its all about money,.. well i do noe dat every single people is in need of money coz we are needy, but wen ur need start to turn to greed den all hell broke loose..u will turn to evil ways and some will resort to murder, snatch thef, bugled, robbery and the most happening wthout publicized is blackmailing. Wth the hi tech phone n gadgets available u can easily frame people for ur blackmailing purposed wch sumtime stretch to years of blackmailing(protection/cover up money) Jst imagine wat power it holds for d blackmailer, heheh..wat can i say...(".)

Lets dwelve into the world of possibilities, why dun we jst let our imagination run wild on the possibilities den can happen/occur in our life. Now....
Imagine if ur a politician and u had done wrong, surely u wanna keep ur misdeed/misdemeanor frm public knowledge and ur family members. Now imagine dat politician who now bcomes a govt servant who holds a high position in office being blackmail not in the form of cash money but in the form of projects and/or contracts. Imagine holding a big secret which will cause a big scandal and put d politician's life in ruins and shame.. Wat will happen if dat possibility happens , heheh..wat can i say...(",) Time Will Tell..dats wat i love about conspiracy theory as being human there will alwiz be people who will conspire to achieve their ambition for power and wealth.. Deh r a lot of good men who change to the evil ways once they have their own support frm other people... till then..( to be continued, heheh..wat can i say..sleepiness takes the toll of my sense or i will jst ramble a nonsensical tot...tit for tat for tot or tot for tit for tat...watever..

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