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Believe In Urself,..Have Faith,..

Believe In Urself,..Have Faith,..
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Monday, September 1, 2008

Ramadhan And My Future..

Ramadhan Al-Mubarak dh sampai,..heheh..pejam celik, pejam celik dh nak akhir tahun dah..How time flew..heheh..apo nak dikato,..(",) today is d second day of Terawih & alhamdulillah so far so gud..jgn jd cam tahun 2006 cukup le, berterabur terawih sal kena keja.. Bos time tu selfish skit..heheh..I woz a GM at dat time managing a farm... neway lets leave history alone,..heheh..I jst hope dis year I'll b able to complete d terawih even if its jst 8 rakaat..wat can I say..i'm already 48yrs old & a lazy guy like me who never exercise cept going down d three floors of stairs everyday.. I dun noe why i hate to exercise,..heheh.. apa pun alhamdulillah la sehingga sekarang maseh sihat belum ada apa2 penyakit..syukur ke hadrat Illahi..tak dak high blood pressure, tak dak kencing manis or apa2 penyakit.. my only biggest problem is my sleep,..i have insomnia so time tidoq selalu nya after 2 or 3 in d morning and most of the time i slept after subuh prayer..woke up lak aroun 2-3pm.. bila ada auto adjustment den I slept aroun 11 or 12mn n woke up aroun 6am..tp worst scenario bila tak leh tidoq langsung & i'll be awake for 2 days..hmm..bila jd camtu u can jst imagine my condition after d second day on non sleep,..heheh..macam zombie la..heheh..dat time mesti letih gila n had to force myself to walk at times...bila rasa mengantuk je time tu mula la pikiaq pasal katil n tilam nak tidoq,..heheh..apo nak dikato,..(,") dats d facts of life..every1 have deir own ups & downs, ebbs & flows so reality is we r human n we can never be d same..u r wat u r & i'm wat i am.. insyaallah God willing aftr dis raya I'll start working again dis time managing a dairy cattle farm.. location blum tetap lg tapi mungkin kawasan menghala ke selatan kot.. I'll tell more in d future once I start d project..I'll be working for ppl n not own d project,..heheh..apo nak dikato..tp future bos ni kawan gue & dia seorang yg prihatin so hopefully I'll b working wth him permanently and serve him as an employee shud n not take advantage of him as a fren.. well I'm happy aftr being unemployed since coming back in early 2007..well life goes on..heheh..wat can I say..(,")


hanis said...

alamak bro...

gambar sudah kene remove da.....(sy buka tadi dah takde)
nak gambar bendera tuh... huhu~ sedey nih...

hanis said...

sian eh... tak bley tido... siksa tu... (zombi gak ke? satu geng da...) :P

new job? good luck in ur life eh... area selatan? huh~ dah dokek tuh... hehe~

apanama said...

Shall we promote Hartal bro.. I think it could work because all those who agree have to do is 'nothing'. Do nothing and thigs could be paralysed for a good cause ... in the best interest of our beloved nation.

what say u?

bro brotherhood, said...

Bro Apanama,

I'm game..heheh..apo nak dikato..(",)

can u shoot me an email so dat i can sent u my contact no to meet up..mite b we cud meet up in Tmn Tun..